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Nice Group USA 

One of the major international names in the automation systems for gates, barrier arms, shutters and blinds market, Nice Group USA is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

Nice provides the most dependable line of operators and accessories available within the North American market: the number one manufacturer especially with regard to the full line of solar powered gate operators, precisely engineered and solidly constructed to meet all commercial and residential needs, requiring only a 12 volt DC battery rechargeable by either solar or AC power.


The combination of Nice high quality standards and technological solutions, which give customers the greater capability of total security, combined with our skilled customer service department, ensure products that always meet customers’ needs, with the guarantee of accurate and prompt feedbacks.

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Nice Group USA Inc.
12625 Wetmore Road Suite 218
San Antonio, TX 78247
Ph. +1.210.545.2900
Fax +1.210.545.2915


Nice S.p.A.
Via Pezza Alta, 13
31046 Oderzo TV

Capitale Sociale Euro 11.600.000 i.v.
P. I.V.A. - Id. IT 03099360269
C.F. - R.I. TV 02717060277
R.E.A. TV 220549
Mecc. TV 042127

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