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The smart garage door interface

Control your garage door from your Apple devices

Works with Apple Homekit

Would you like to get home and make sure your garage door is open when you're back?
Would you like to check if it's properly closed when you're away?

Now with Nice IT4WIFI interface, connected to your wi-fi network, you can control the access to your garage, and therefore to your home, directly from your iPhone or Apple Watch, even when you're far away: anytime, anywhere.

IT4WIFI has been thoughtfully designed to be compatible with Apple HomeKit: your Nice automated garage door (*) can thus be controlled via app connected to your home hub, offering ease of use, advanced security, smart integration.

Maximum installation flexibility and freedom


Engineered for end users, built for installers: IT4WIFI offers a range of features designed to suit your lifestyle, while keeping the set-up process for the professional simple and intuitive.
Smart automated control for better performance and comfort.

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Do it your own way!

  • Home app

    Home app

    Tap on your app, and open or close your garage door with a simple touch.

  • Voice control

    Voice control

    “Hey Siri! I'm almost there, open the garage door!”, and you are inside quickly and safely without waiting.

  • Geolocalization


    Even easier! By setting the GPS on your iPhone, you can decide the exact distance at which your door automatically opens.

Download MyNice Welcome HK One app for all your home accessories

One app for all your home accessories

  • Apple Home

    With the Apple Home, you can easily control your HomeKit accessories also remotely, for a smarter and more advanced home.

  • Apple Home.

    You can turn off the lights from your iPhone, see who's ringing the bell at the door on your iPad. And of course, open your garage door from your iPhone or Apple Watch when you're about to enter.

  • Apple TV or iPad

    And using your Apple TV or iPad as your home hub, you can control your house wherever you are.

  • Scenario

    You can also create predefined scenarios that include several actions: for instance you can set up the “Back Home” scenario for opening your garage door, turning on the lights and opening the blinds all together through one single command.

Download MyNice Welcome HK

Features & Requirements

Devices supported

Apple iPhone with iOS 10 or later versions and Apple Watch

Compatible Apps

  • Apple “Home” App available in iOS 10 (or later versions)
  • Nice “MyNice Welcome HK” App

Main features

  • Compatible with Nice control units for garage doors using the BusT4 protocol (*)
  • Compatible with Siri
  • Control from remote only with Apple TV or iPad configured as home hub

Necessary for the product's installation

  • Nice automation control unit for garage door equipped with BusT4 port or connector for IBT4N
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n Access Point that supports the Apple Bonjour service
  • iPhone with iOS 10 (or later versions)

The kit includes

  • IT4WIFI device
  • IBT4N interface
  • Patch cord for connection


24 V (directly from automation control unit)


58 mm x 63 mm x 24 mm (excluding SMA and antenna)


60 g


(*) Compatible Nice automation systems

The IT4WIFI accessory - by means of Wi-Fi communication - allows to control the movement of Nice automations for garage doors compatible with the BusT4 (Opera) protocol.

Here the full list: SPY550KCE, SPY650KCE, SPY800KCE, Spin30, Spin40, SN6031, SN6041, SPIN23KCE, TN2010L, TN2020L.

Use of the Works with Apple HomeKit logo means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

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