Nice Smart Home: efficiency and connectivity even without internet during summer blackouts

5 July 2024


The Resilience of the Smart Home

Smart Home connected to the internet offers unparalleled comfort and control, allowing you to manage lights, security, and climate control through apps and voice assistants. However, as summer approaches, the temperatures in large cities can become unbearable, leading to a heavy use of air conditioners and fans. This increased energy demand can often result in power outages and, consequently, the loss of internet connection. Imagine being at home, enjoying the benefits of your Smart Home when suddenly, the connection drops. Without the internet, some functionalities like remote control via apps or voice assistants will be lost. But don't panic: Nice's solutions are designed to ensure that your home remains smart, functional, and comfortable even without the internet, thanks to technologies that guarantee the continuity of essential operations. Here are some of them.

Emergency powered motors and sensors

Nice tubular motors offer advanced solutions for managing solar shading, ensuring reliability and continuity of operation even in case of blackouts. The Next Solar Kit, powered by solar energy, allows you to use a renewable energy source, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. This system represents a technological excellence of Nice, combining innovation and energy efficiency to enhance the comfort and safety of home and professional environments. The Domì Wind-Sun Solar Bd climatic sensor offers advanced climate control without the need for electrical connections, thanks to its unlimited autonomy. Powered by solar energy, this sensor communicates via radio with the central unit, ensuring optimal and safe automation management. The photovoltaic cells of the Wind-Sun Solar Bd provide a constant energy reserve, guaranteeing reliable performance and continuous protection of solar shading against adverse weather conditions.

Pre-programmed scenarios 

One of the distinctive features of Nice solutions is the ability to keep pre-programmed scenarios active. For example, vertical screen blinds can continue to open automatically upon waking up thanks to the Yubii Home system, even without an internet connection. Additionally, Domì transmitters allow you to control lights and shutters ensuring local operation of home automation.

Backup power supply

Nice has developed solutions like the HubPowerBank, which integrates an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system to provide backup power to building automation products like Yubii Home in case of blackouts. This ensures that the critical systems of your smart home remain operational, maintaining the comfort and safety of your home.

Nice HubPowerBank

A more efficient summer

During the summer, when the use of air conditioners and fans increases, congesting and stressing the electrical grids of large cities, it is essential to optimize energy consumption to avoid annoying interruptions. The Nice Smart Home is designed to operate reliably and safely even during power outages or internet connection loss, not only offering efficient energy control but also helping to reduce environmental impact and save on bills. Thanks to intelligent programming, you can manage the use of electronic devices and appliances optimally, ensuring constant comfort without waste.


Your home can remain smart and functional even without an internet connection, thanks to Nice's resilient solutions. These systems are designed to ensure maximum comfort, efficiency, and safety, regardless of external conditions. Don't let blackouts or connection interruptions affect your lifestyle: with Nice, you can be sure that your home will always be ready to meet your needs.


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