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December 2017

Great success for the first design workshop with architects and engineers in ThePlace


Great success for the first design workshop with architects and engineers in ThePlace

On Wednesday 29 November, Nice hosted the "Integration in architecture. Scenarios and visions" training seminar in ThePlace, organized in cooperation with Fujitsu Climatizzatori and Maggioli Editore. The aim was to share the company's vision of living in the future, to demonstrate the relationship between technical installations and the type of construction and function of the building, and to get operators involved in the process to collaborate right from the conceptual phase, rather than working sequentially and without integration as still tends to happen today.

Open to designers and others, the first part of the meeting explored the various aspects of integration in architecture. Technological innovation has made great strides forward in the transition from analogue technology to digital technology, profoundly modifying lifestyles, means of communication and the evolution of society. Today, building is the sector called on to adapt the most to the new digital era, both in flexibility of use and construction techniques, with new ways of organising and managing the worksite, ever more a place of assembly, rather than production. Information flows are changing completely within the architectural conception process: BIM (Building Information Modelling) and numerically controlled machines today make it possible to programme processes which just a few years ago would have been unthinkable. To speak about and inspire the audience on these themes, three important speakers were involved: Giorgio Di Tullio, Innovation Designer, Chiara Tonelli, Architect and lecturer in Technology of Architecture at Roma Tre University and Michele Vio, Engineer.

During the afternoon, guided by the speakers and the two companies, a small number of professionals exchanged views on a practical case: refurbishment of a real building, a block of flats from the 1960s, located near Rome. A workshop conceived to allow the operators – designers, architects and system engineers – to experience the advantages of integrated design for themselves. The groups worked with the aim of directly experiencing and integrating Nice solutions (products for automatic sunscreens in particular) and Fujitsu products to improve energy efficiency and comfort in the home.

The event was accredited with the Order of Architects and Engineers of Treviso who issued training credits to the more than 100 professionals who attended the seminar.