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February 2016

A Nice day together with our Italian distributors


A Nice day together with our Italian distributors

Nice specialized distributors for the Italian market were invited to gather in TheNicePlace last week for a full-day meeting aimed at fostering relationships and cooperation. Over 70 people got together for this important occasion, in order to analyze the opportunities and the complexities offered by the market, share ideas and keep up with Nice development.

The meeting opened with an overview on the challenges Nice is currently taking up, the future vision of the company, its plans and expectations. Nice sales team for the Italian market shared the company’s strategies and the collaboration opportunities offered to its distributors and installers, while the marketing team presented the tools Nice offers them in order to support sales and develop business relations. Finally, Nice technical specialists focused on new products, presenting the company’s brand new smart automation solutions for homes and buildings.

The meeting was the occasion to enjoy a Nice day all together and discover TheNicePlace, the inspiring new Nice space dedicated to interactions, participation and knowledge construction. TheNicePlace is a strategic growth opportunity that Nice wants to share with its customers in order to get people and communities closer to the significance of the brand, and to strengthen relations with all those who are Nice ambassadors on the market