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July 2021

Nice launches its first influencer marketing campaign


Nice launches its first influencer marketing campaign

At a time of growth and great transformation, when consumers’ habits and experiences are becoming increasingly digital, this year Nice chooses influencer marketing to make its solutions known to the end user. A new way of communicating that is increasingly common and effective, a project that brings together cutting-edge technology applied to the smart home and social media, thanks to the collaboration with a group of influencers, boasting a total fanbase of over 2 million users, who will share content able to stimulate the curiosity of users and at the same time consolidate Nice brand awareness.

The campaign has involved a team of influencers as tech & smart home ambassadors for Nice, who will provide informative and experiential content on products from Nice's extensive portfolio, with a focus on the new all-in-one smart home hub, Yubii Home, the ultimate expression of the smart home idea.

"This influencer marketing project is an opportunity to bring the end-user audience closer to Nice solutions related to the smart home world, in particular to our newly launched flagship product, the hub capable of managing and communicating with all smart devices in the house and outdoor areas in an integrated way: Yubii Home. Keywords: integration, comfort and security to simplify people’s quality of life in their home space" says Juan Pablo Boz, Nice Chief Marketing Officer who recently joined the company, with a strong international background in the smart home sector.

A strategy designed on 3 time waves, from June to December 2021, which will allow the selected influencers to integrate Nice devices in their homes, testing and sharing how home management is transformed thanks to automation, and to build a storytelling able to engage end users bringing them closer to the smart home world. The many possibilities of integration and the infinite scenarios that Nice products allow to realize inside the home will give bloggers the opportunity to present a simpler everyday life, sharing real and concrete experiences. YouTube videos, Instagram Posts and Stories will allow the fanbase to learn about new solutions that can improve everyone's life.

Some of the influencers involved in Italy: tech bloggers Andrea Galeazzi (@andreagaleazzi), Otto Climan (@otto.climan), Manuel Agostini (@manuel_agostini); architects Palomba Serafini (@palombaserafini) and Patrizia Burato (@archidipity); lifestyle expert Paolo Stella through his real estate project Suonare Stella (@suonarestella).


Here are the first published videos: