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October 2023

Nice stands out at international events: big win for Home Management Solutions


Nice stands out at international events: big win for Home Management Solutions

September has been an exciting and successful month for Nice!

As many as eight industry awards have been assigned to Nice Home Management Solutions at the recent CEDIA 2023 event and award season for contributing to Smart Home Control Technology with its products.

Moreover, additional awards for Nice have been announced at EI Live! Europe, where the company got the prestigious Smart Building Awards 2023 recognition, with the Best Dedicated Touch Screen Controller and the Best Software Release for the Home Management OS 8.8” awards.

These recognitions further strengthen our commitment to providing innovative and high-quality solutions for home management.

All the winning products proudly carry the Nice name and industrial design, as a result of the successful rebrand of ELAN®, SpeakerCraft®, and Panamax® Energy Management to the Nice brand name. This achievement was announced at CEDIA 2023 and marks an important milestone toward a single comprehensive solutions portfolio under one unified brand Nice.

“This announcement is part of our path towards a unified company, bringing together several brands under Nice, known as a reliable partner in people’s life, able to provide them with a holistic Home Management ecosystem,” said Juan Pablo Boz, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Nice. “By focusing on Home Management solutions first, we are now ready to begin convergence of other brands across the globe to develop an even more comprehensive, end-to-end solution for homes and corporations. We believe this will lead to important opportunities and will drive rapid growth towards the broadest and deepest portfolio in the industry.”

We're not stopping here. Stay tuned for even more amazing things to come!