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May 2016

The story of Made in Italy excellence in TheNicePlace


The story of Made in Italy excellence in TheNicePlace

From May 31st until June 24th Nice hosts the “50+! Il grande gioco dell’industria” exhibition: the narration of Italian industry’s history through over 50 objects that have changed our culture, marking the economic growth of our country.

The project, conceived by Museimpresa and curated by Francesca Molteni with a set up by Franco Raggi, develops as a timeline made of pictures, drawings and products. A “portable museum” weaving together history, communication, design and technological innovations that have transformed simple objects into symbols of collective consciousness: from Vespa to the Campari bottle and Olivetti’s Valentine – among others, coming from Italian companies’ archives and museums associated with Museimpresa.

“Behind each product there is a real company history made of people, significances and ideas that have given value, and still give value, to Made in Italy creations in the world. With the social hub ThePlace we decided to ‘do’ in order to innovate, to promote cultural development within the company, through concrete actions such as this important initiative, promoting exchanges which are open to the world. We need to keep on nurturing beauty”, said Lauro Buoro, Chairman of The Nice Group.

The curator, Francesca Molteni, explained: “We have written down these stories for the magazine ‘Domenica del Sole 24 Ore’, and then we have collected them, developed them, played with them, and ordered them on a timeline. That unveiled hidden connections, imagination short circuits, history gaps and progresses, imaginary iconographies, which are as beautiful as artworks. In this way we wanted to let everyone know what lies behind those little or big inventions that are part of our everyday life.”