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October 2015

TheNicePlace: Nice links communities!


TheNicePlace: Nice links communities!

TheNicePlace is the frame and the heart of all those initiatives that Nice will organize and host starting from this autumn, with the objective of involving people and communities in an ongoing process, to foster the company’s internal and external cultural growth both from an individual and a collective point of view, and value everyone’s knowledge and competences.

This new “social hub” will host a wide range of activities and experiences, including trainings, technical courses, cultural initiatives, events, conferences, meetings and parties dedicated to all those people who take part in the company’s life: employees, customers and potential customers, the sales force, local communities, cultural institutions.

Within TheNicePlace different spaces have been created, all of them characterised by a special attention to details and a constant search for elegance and for the finest design, thanks to FontanaArte’s light and the cooperation with Lago, one of the most innovative companies in the Made in Italy furniture sector. Entering the building, we find TheWelcome, a reception and welcoming space including a bar and a relax area. Walking up the stairs we get to TheKitchen, the brand new Nice restaurant, where every day employees and guests can have a friendly and enjoyable lunch break, in a bright and comfortable place. TheKitchen is another step forward in the realization of a comfortable and vital environment where people’s wellbeing comes first. 

TheNicePlace is also hosting the temporary exhibition Shapes of Heart, curated by Wurbs, portraying the company’s soul and evolution. The exhibition tells a story of passion and people: a collection of ideas, words and images take the visitor through a journey of Nice inner world, its history and significances, and the environment and inspirations around it. 

TheNicePlace is an opportunity to grow, a space that offers unique and intense experiences to all those who visit it, getting people and communities closer to the significance of the brand. In this way, anyone entering TheNicePlace will come out as Nice ambassador.

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