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November 2015

#TNPunconference: "Spaces of creativity for innovation"


#TNPunconference: "Spaces of creativity for innovation"

On Thursday 26 November TheNicePlace officially opened its doors to the institutions and to the local community in order to share new ideas and cooperation projects, inviting them to the event “Spaces of creativity for innovation”, a multi-voice dialogue discussing new approaches to innovation.

Over 400 people, including entrepreneurs, representatives from the institutions, the cultural sector and the local communities crowded the “square” of TheNicePlace, contributing to the success of an exciting evening full of inspirations and emotions around the themes of creativity, innovation, smart working and strategy innovation.

Recalling the words of Lauro Buoro, Chairman and Founder of Nice Spa: “This is the place belonging to Nice identity, where our DNA and our heritage will grow. It is our laboratory, our workshop intended for you all as well”.

TheNicePlace, the new Nice social hub open to contaminations and knowledge flows, was introduced by:

  • Lauro Buoro, Chairman and Founder of Nice Spa
  • Roberto Gherlenda, Chief Design Officer of Nice Spa
  • Giorgio Di Tullio, Designer and Innovation Philosopher 

Making room for creativity and innovation within the company forces to rethink workflows and to adopt new digital tools, putting people and their social behaviors center stage, together with the development of new platforms able to facilitate teamwork and the efficacy of processes. 

The subject of Smart Working was discussed by:

  • David Bevilacqua, Vice President, South Europe, Cisco
  • Davide Dattoli, Co-Founder of Talent Garden
  • Gabriele Ronchini, Founder & Executive Director, Digital Magics

Each Smart Working project represents an incentive and a starting point to revise business models, as the launch of strategic innovation processes transforms the company space through valuable proposals incorporating new functions and meanings.

Finally, the chapter on Strategy Innovation involved: 

  • Alberto Baban, President of Piccola Industria Confindustria and President of Venetwork
  • Carlo Bagnoli, Scientific Director of the Innovarea project, Associate Professor at the Department of Management, Ca’ Foscari University in Venice
  • Marco Zito, Architect, Designer, Professor of Industrial Design, IUAV
  • Isabella Chiodi, Confindustria Veneto Delegate and Vice President IBM Europe
  • Michele Parisatto, Managing Partner, KPMG Advisory
  • Gabriele Ronco, in charge of the Innovation Network, Innovation Center Intesa Sanpaolo

The dialogue was moderated by:

•    Marco Minghetti, Associate partner OpenKnowledge, Journalist at Nova100-Il Sole24Ore

The event was promoted and shared live on Twitter with the hashtag #TNPunconference from the Nice Group’s new account @thenicegroup.


Watch the video with the event’s highlights: