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Era Krono:
your home
your rhythm

Era Krono is the versatile, easy-to-use wall-mounted timer

Radio or wired management of up to 6 independent channels and memorisation of up to 30 events. Thanks to the intuitive navigation menu, practical selection keys and large display, Era Krono is simple to program and easy-to-use. The selector on top of the programmer allows the user to switch quickly from one operating mode to another: “Programming”, “Automatic” (performs the programmed events at the set times), “Manual” (functions like a simple transmitter) and “Holiday” (performs the programmed events at random to simulate the presence of someone in the house when you are away, discouraging intrusion attempts).

Era Krono

Era Krono 6 channels

Available in radio version, for managing up to 6 automations or groups of automations.

Era Krono

Era Krono 1 channel

Available in radio or wired versions, for managing 1 automation or 1 group of automations.

NFC technology

Thanks to NFC technology Era Krono can be easily programmed by smartphone, using the MyNice Pro app.