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Messe Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany

Automation of active façades

Messe Stuttgart is one of the main exhibition centres and trade fairs in Germany, hosting 67 events and welcoming 1.27 million visitors each year. A conical glass roof spans the entrance area of the trade fair, and a horizontal shading beneath the roof ensures a well-tempered climate. The shading is made up of 80 textile-covered slats as long as 7.5 metres, which may be turned by 90 degrees on their horizontal axis.

In order to bring these reliably into the desired position, the planners of the sun protection system (Hassinger in Ludwigshafen) decided in favour of a drive solution from the manufacturer elero Linearantriebstechnik: Econom O linear actuators each with a force of 3,000 newtons move the slats precisely – right down to the millimetre.

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