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SanLucar Fruit Headquarters

SanLucar Fruit Headquarters

Puçol, Valencia, Spain

Automation of active façades

Nice technology and reliability have been chosen for the realization of a prestigious project for the automation of sun shading systems at SanLucar Fruit headquarters, producer and worldwide distributor of high-quality fruit and vegetables, located in Puçol, near Valencia, Spain. Nice has contributed to the project with the installation of 41 Picolo XL 200 elero motors, a brand that is part of the business unit specialized in the production of sun shading automation systems and transmitters. To carry out this installation, Nice collaborated with Umbelco, a company specialized in the development of sun protection slats with twenty years of experience in the sector.

The project was designed by the architectural firm Sanahuja & Partners and is inspired by the concept of "biophilic architecture". This design technique focuses on the use of natural materials, the use of vegetation as a healthy and natural ornament, construction efficiency and economic, environmental, and social sustainability. It is from this environmental awareness that the collaboration with elero by Nice, a brand whose products aim to make the most of natural resources, such as sunlight, starts.

The Picolo XL motor, with its very elegant and compact aesthetics, is ideal for integration into façades, as it can individually move slats made of aluminum, glass or any other high-quality material. The slats are positioned with millimeter precision. This makes the linear actuators ideal for façades and installations with sun position tracking. The uniform movement of the piston rod and the constant speed of the linear actuator allow the sun's position to be tracked without the need for a measuring system.

This project demonstrates, once again, that sustainability is already a reality and a requirement for modern construction, and a key player in a new concept that is emerging strongly in residential buildings and homes. External solar protection systems and their automation, guaranteed by Nice, manage solar radiation and reduce the direct impact of the sun, while controlled ventilation systems greatly improve indoor air quality. Dynamic façades provide shade for buildings and can generate electricity in an environmentally friendly way. Not to mention, proper control of natural light provides adequate illumination of interior spaces, generating a healthier working environment.

Installed Products

  • Picolo XL

    Picolo XL