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Verona, Italy

Smart home devices

SD HOME & MD HOME, two prestigious contemporary villas designed by Studio Federico Cappellina & partners architects, have the objective of combining contemporary and innovative architecture with the natural context. The design philosophy that accompanies their realization is defined by the term "Kithome", a concept that considers the house as a bio-organism, which integrates planning, architecture, design and engineering within a single virtuous process, where the interactions of the various parts influence each other by determining the individual choices.

The SD HOME bioclimatic passive house is located in Soave, in the province of Verona. Its structure has been designed to make the most of the nature around it, thus ensuring an ideal microclimate for all seasons. The natural elements, sun, wind, water, soil and vegetation, are used to meet the requirements of comfort and energy saving. The living room of the house is put in direct contact with the outdoor patio thanks to large sliding windows that open towards the hilly landscape, in a continuous dialogue of well-being and positive perceptions. An example of the home of the future, which supports the environment and limits energy consumption by using natural elements, but at the same time does not give up on comfort and design.

In San Bonifacio, in the province of Verona, we find MD HOME, where the contrasts of the innovative architecture challenge and overcome the past in a contemporary setting. The motorized, flush-mounted windows and doors, which one can open with a fingerprint, cancel the boundary between indoor and outdoor, while the modern, minimalist furnishing designs and defines the settings. Privacy throughout the building is ensured by practical motorized blinds and LED lights, which create suggestive light games. A home that combines aesthetics and functionality, using modern technologies, contributes to make the residence innovative.

Studio Federico Cappellina & partners architects chose to rely on Nice to make the villas smart, thanks to the installation of FIBARO devices for the smart home. The houses are managed through an app that allows you to send commands to the devices as well as to quickly and conveniently keep your home under control. This system allows residents to check directly from their smartphones, for example, if the lights are off, adjust the temperature of the rooms, raise or lower the blinds, without having to be near the house. In addition, FIBARO devices can also be controlled via voice control, choosing from several virtual assistants, such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple's Siri, which, by responding to the user's voice commands and questions, allow them to manage the various devices in the home.

Installed Products

  • FIBARO Roller Shutter 3

    FIBARO Home Center 2

  • FIBARO Flood Sensor

    FIBARO Flood Sensor

  • FIBARO Dimmer 2

    FIBARO Dimmer 2

  • FIBARO Roller Shutter 3

    FIBARO Roller Shutter 3