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Tallinn Port

Tallinn Port

Tallinn, Estonia

Automation of sliding gates

Nice applies its technology to the port of Tallinn, the largest in Estonia and one of the busiest commercial realities of the Baltic Sea in terms of the number of goods and passengers in transit, over 10 million each year.

Developed in collaboration with Sungate, leading Nice distributor of automation systems for doors and gates in Estonia, the project involved the improvement and motorization of 12 large sliding gates located at the entrance of the port and of the doors dedicated to passengers of incoming cruises. The most complex and challenging part of the project was the integration of the Robus 600 motors with an existing security and access control system.

The Nice Robus 600 kit solution used on this occasion, is suitable for the automation of sliding gates up to 600 kg; thanks to the bidirectional technology, the system allows communication in both directions, between the remote control and the automation. In this way, it is possible to receive feedback on the correct reception of the command and to know the status of the automation. Furthermore, thanks to the BlueBUS system, which allows connections with just two wires between the control unit and up to 7 pairs of photocells, control, safety and signalling devices, Nice is a practical solution, as the control unit and the PS124 buffer batteries (optional) housed inside Robus can be connected via a convenient guided plug-in connector. A self-diagnosis program with flashing signal detects any obstacles during the maneuver. The motor, robust and safe, makes the automation extremely silent, with the possibility of adjustable acceleration and deceleration at the beginning and end of each maneuver.

"An operation that adapts and contextualizes itself perfectly with respect to the existing architecture - declares Wojciech Jankowski, Nice Export Area Manager - born thanks to the strategic vision of our partner Sungate. An important opportunity to develop our business in a country very receptive in terms of development and innovation, which looks to the future with new ideas and ambitious growth prospects".

Installed Products

  • Robus 600

    ROBUS 600