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UniCredit Pavilion

UniCredit Pavilion

Milan, Italy

Automation of active façades

The UniCredit Pavilion is a multipurpose building located in the heart of Milan, in the new and dynamic Garibaldi - Porta Nuova district. An innovative space for culture, people and business, it hosts exhibitions, cultural events, conferences and music concerts open to the public of the city. Situated right next to the UniCredit tower, the highest skyscraper in Italy that houses the bank’s Headquarters, the structure includes an auditorium with seating for 700, an overhead walkway for temporary art exhibitions, a nursery, and a lounge for corporate events.

This unconventional, sustainable construction was conceived by architect Michele De Lucchi, who explained that its soft profile is inspired by the “shape of a seed”, surrounded by the garden and placed at the feet of the skyscrapers, as a “symbolic tie between the nature of the gardens and people in the towers”. Completely developed using natural materials such as wood frame and a glass shell, and innovative construction techniques combining cutting-edge technology with a great respect for the environment and compliance with sustainability regulations, the architecture enhances the relation between nature and human.

The glazed structure is enclosed by a ribbed cage with lamellar larch beams, designed to control and regulate natural light coming from the outside. ABBA Protezioni Solari, partner of the Nice Group, chose to automate the slats using elero linear motors, with a special installation directly inside the wood frame. elero’s motors precise movements ensure perfect lighting conditions and comfortable climate inside the building, contributing to its energy efficiency and responding to the needs of the different activities taking place, such as theatre performances, events, film shows or exhibitions where artworks need to be protected from direct sunlight.

Installed Products

  • Picolo XL 100

    Picolo XL 100