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Silken Puerta América Hotel

Credits: Rafael Vargas

Silken Puerta América Hotel

Madrid, Spain

Automation of awnings

The 5-star hotel “Puerta América” in Madrid was designed by an international team of 19 star architects including Jean Nouvel, Arata Isozaki, Christan Liaigre, David Chipperfield, Harriet Bourne and Jonathan Bell, Javier Mariscal and Fernando Salas, John Pawson, Kathryn Findlay, Marc Newson, Norman Foster, Plasma Studio (Eva Castro and Holger Kehne), Richard Gluckman, Ron Arad, Teresa Sapey, Victorio & Lucchino, Zaha Hadid.

Thanks to the incident light going through the 14 different colors of the 500 awnings enveloping the façade, each room takes on a special shade – and a unique atmosphere. The technical implementation of the striking sun protection system, fitted with elero drives, was assumed by the Italian company Model System Italia. When seen from the street, the awnings attract the attention of passers-by for one more reason: extracts from the poem “Liberté” by Paul Eluard are printed on them.

Installed Products

  • Typ 9 NHK

    Typ 9 NHK