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Pinarello Headquarters

Villorba, TV, Italy

System for the automation of folding 2-leaf doors and for sun protection

Pinarello: a worldwide famous company based in Treviso, Italy that produces extraordinary bicycles.

Cicli Pinarello was founded in 1953 by Giovanni Pinarello, also known as “Nani”, who, after having participated and won numerous races at a national and international level, made use of a sum left by his team to open a small workshop to build bicycles. Right from the start, this shop began to gain popularity. In 1975, one of their bikes got used in the Giro d’Italia, in 1988 in the Tour de France, and since then the victories kept on happening. Today, the workshop is a leading company in the sector, headed by Giovanni's son, Fausto. The 2000s have been key decades in the development of the company, which biennially produces successful, highly technological and revolutionary models for big champions like Indurain, for the Sky Team until last year and now for the Ineos Team, winner of the last Tour de France. 

Recently, Pinarello has conducted an important work of renovation of its headquarters in Treviso. We at Nice are proud to have taken part in the automation process of it by installing some motors for folding 2-leaf doors and for sun protection. The chosen technology is robust, reliable and flexible: a smart solution that allows one to open and transform the external wall and create a wide open space connecting the interior of the shop with the outside area without losing the special appeal of the external façade.

It is always an honor to collaborate with locally based companies that share the same passion for innovation and sustainability.  The project was conducted in collaboration with our partner LikeBlinds, and the entire execution was coordinated and designed by Giuseppe Pavan’s architectural studio with the precious contribution of Monica Sicuro.


Installed Products

  • Pinarello Headquarters Big-FAB motor for underground installation
  • Pinarello Headquarters Era Flor trasmitter with 4 channels
  • Pinarello Headquarters Control unit at 24 V with encoder Moonclever
  • Pinarello Headquarters Radio receiver and recessed control unit
  • Pinarello Headquarters OXI radio receiver with 3 channels
  • Pinarello Headquarters Nice elero motor JA SOFT

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