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  • MD2010 Loop detector
    ET Nice - Instruction Manuals: Accessories / Selector switches and proximity readers
    MD2010 Loop detector
    ... Dip-switch 4 - Boost mode:If boost mode is ON the detector will immediately switch to high sensitivity once activated. As soon as the vehicle is no longer being detected the sensitivity reverts back to what has been set on dipswitch 2 and 3. This mo...
    Nice - Addendum: Accessories / Other accessories
    ...HY7024 - Robus: RB600/B, RB600P/B, RB1000/B, RB1000P/B (the "/A" versions are compatible but with lower performance) - Soon: SO2000/A - Solemyo IST259R02.4862 Rev. 00 25-10-2010 SYKCE Solar power kit Spin: Pop: Ten: Wingo SPIN23KCE POPKCE/A TN201...