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April 2019

Nice offer for indoor blinds automation gets bidirectional


With the aim of making our products more and more innovative, user friendly and smart, we are keeping on widening our range of BiDirectional devices.

After the new range of BiDirectional control systems for gate and garage door automations, also Nice systems for indoor blinds automation get bidirectional: the new tubular motors, transmitters and programmer feature now the Nice BiDirectional radio protocol, enabling two-way communication between transmitters and receivers.

The new Era Inn EDGE S BD and Era Inn EDGE M BD tubular motors, as well as the new Era P BD and Era W BD radio transmitters and the TTPRO BD palmtop programmer, are equipped with the new Nice BiDirectional radio communication protocol. This enables the end user to receive feedback on the command sent and the position of the blinds, and the installer to set the parameters of the motors, using the TTPRO BD programmer, without the need of a hardwired connection. The Era Inn EDGE S BD and Era Inn EDGE M BD motors are also supported by the Nice Screen modular control unit thanks to the new DMBD GW radio module.


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