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March 2018

We are 25 Years Young


We are 25 Years Young, so our strength does not come from tradition, but from our attitude of questioning existing rules, of trying alternative ways, with the aim of simplifying everyone’s movements. We are young, but we have been changing the rules of the game in our sector since 1993, when we first started. As young people, who enter the second phase of their life at 25, we keep pursuing our dream of a future without barriers, with more maturity and the same passion.

To celebrate this important step, Nice presents a new special edition of its Inti and Era P transmitters, which have been created with a personalized decoration to mark the Nice anniversary. You can choose between five different attractive colourful covers, perfect to match the mood of the moment, home design or latest fashion trends. The graphics chosen for this special edition want to give value to different cultural traditions, mixing artistic heritage and contemporary style: for instance, the blue decoration pays homage to the traditional Delft pottery crafted in the Netherlands in the 16th century, while the green and yellow pattern reinterprets a motif designed by the renowned French artist Henri Matisse in the Mid-Twentieth Century, and the black and white decoration recalls contemporary abstract themes inspired by nature.

With this special edition, we want to give value to our originscontrol electronics, which has contributed to Nice success since the beginning, our passion for design, our creativity, and commitment to realize products conceived for people’s wellbeing.

Born to make life easier by simplifying everyday movements, Nice offers smart automation solutions able to ensure the environment is how its inhabitants would like it to be at all times.


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