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Casa 21 Project

Casa 21 Project


System for the automation of swing and sliding gates

Casa21 is a pilot project of architectural redevelopment that is located in the fantastic setting of Val D'Orcia, in Pienza, Tuscany. It was born with the intent to live and experience the benefits and well-being of sustainable housing, in compliance with the the United Nations Agenda 21action plan and the Green Papers of the European Community.

The project brings together synergistically the values of bio-architecturehome automationdesign and Feng Shui, carefully dosed together to offer the inhabitants of the 21st century a healthy, intelligent, beautiful and functional home that guarantees a high quality of life.

The aim is to revolutionize the existing building heritage, through redevelopment works that faithfully respect the original architecture and at the same time imperceptibly incorporate advanced technologies that make the structures bio-ecological, eco-sustainable and energy-saving. The wooden structure, with natural stone cladding, reproduces the original appearance of the farmhouse, is combined with a highly technological heart.

In fact, the opportunity to enhance the territory and the exclusivity of Made in Italy has meant that many companies could collaborate on this project in partnership, offering their applications for the realization of this new sustainable technology. The project, developed by Architect Simone Seddio from the PIGRECO>Progetti studio and promoted by numerous institutions including the Politecnico di Milano, has seen the establishment of numerous collaborations. 

Nice took part in this innovative idea by implementing the automation systems of the access points,  in particular the swing gate on the edge of the property and the sliding gate in the underground garage. The activity has been finalized by the authorized distributor Nice Toscana Service and from the authorized installer Papini from Torrita di Siena, Nice official partner in the Tuscany region.

Installed Products

  • Robuskit 600 Robus RB600KCER01
  • Robuskit 600 Transmitter 2 channels
  • Robuskit 600 EKS Key selector switch for outdoor installation
  • Robuskit 600 ELDC LED flashing light with integrated aerial
  • Kit per l’automazione di cancelli scorrevoli fino a 600 kg. 24 Vdc, centrale  Integrata. Coppia di fotocellule da esterno EPM
  • Interface 4 channels (433,92 MHz) Interface 4 channels (433,92 MHz)
  • Control Unit Control Unit MC824H
  • Selettore digitale 13 tasti Era Keypad Wireless Selettore digitale 13 tasti Era Keypad Wireless
  • Colonna in alluminio con alloggiamento per fotocellule Era Post Colonna in alluminio con alloggiamento per fotocellule Era Post

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