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Carrasco International Airport

Credits: Aeropuerto Internacional de Carrasco

Carrasco International Airport

Montevideo, Uruguay

Automation of rolling doors

The airport in Uruguay’s capital Montevideo, designed by the renowned architect Rafael Viñoly and built at a cost of 165 million euros, is a true eye-catcher: a monolithic roof runs along the entire length of the building, with some 8,000 sq. m. of glass ensuring optimum use of natural daylight. And in terms of its technology the building is also state of the art: various rolling doors, for example in the duty-free area, are motorized with elero drives.

Installed Products

  • Three-phase drive NHK

    Three-phase drive NHK

  • Typ 11 NHK

    Typ 11 NHK

  • Typ 15 W NMA

    Typ 15 W NMA

  • BoxControl


  • DoorControl