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May 2018

A Nice project to boost 100% recycling


A Nice project to boost 100% recycling

Respect for the environment and improvement of the quality of life are two of the main concepts driving Nice in its activity. We are committing to define our scenario of sustainability through the research of eco-compatible materials and design, including product packaging, printed tools and temporary exhibition structures that will give life to new useful tools.

The first step in this scenario is the creative reuse, called “upcycling”, of some furniture realized for the Nice stand at the R+T 2018 in Stuttgart.

When something is recycled - typically plastics, paper, metals or glass - it is broken down, so the basic materials recovered can be reused to make something new.  On the other hand, upcycling means using creativity to transform objects into new products of better quality that have a higher value than the original ones, thus reducing consumption of new raw materials.

Following this philosophy, parts of our R+T 2018 stand will be recycled to create simple everyday objects and Nice gadgets: booth textiles will become shoppers and backpacks for everyday use, the booth floor will give life to wooden snap-fit toys that can take the shape of different little animals.

This project is part of an ecological responsibility approach we have been implementing in our daily activities. For instance, the tableware used at the Nice stand during the R+T 2018 exhibition is a concrete example of the circular economy:  all items were made entirely from natural compostable material from renewable sources, and 100% recyclable. They were disposed in the organic refuse bin to be turned into compost, a natural fertilizer for use on plants and gardens.