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June 2017

Second Venice trip of the year for Nice UK customers


Second Venice trip of the year for Nice UK customers

Following on from a successful trip to Oderzo and Venice in May, Nice UK once again enjoyed a trip to the centre of the Nice world with their customers in June.

Including both a tour of Nice HQ and the glories of Venice, the trip was a great chance for customers to get a stronger feel for everything the Nice brand has to offer. The Nice UK team were shown around TheNicePlace, the “social hub” of the Nice Group, and given hands-on product demonstrations and an overview of the company around the world. Regional Manager Mr. Morris Carr gave a well-received presentation on “The Nice World”.

After staying overnight at Jesolo beach, one of Venice’s most lively seaside resorts, the group were shown around the city’s most beautiful attractions. One of the highlights was a canal tour through Venice’s iconic waterways, which proved very popular. Throughout their stay, the customers enjoyed authentic Italian cuisine, including sampling the typical Venetian “ombra e cicchetti” (“wine and tasting”).

The trip was a chance for Nice UK to connect with international friends and colleagues. Since it was so successful and enjoyable for all involved, a further trip is planned for September.