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January 2017

Spy: the first Nice travelling motor for garage doors


Spy: the first Nice travelling motor for garage doors

Spy is Nice newest range of motors and control units for garage doors automation, ideal for residential applications: a complete, smart and safe system, it stands out for its innovative project concept and design. Specifically, Spy is the first Nice travelling motor with separate control unit: the motor moves along a guide containing a rack, without chains or other noisy mechanisms. Rack and pinion are Nice patented.

Handy both for installers and for end users, Spy is simple and quick to install and program, using the Quick Setup procedure: pressing the opening pushbutton, the control unit independently detects all connected devices and the positions of the motor limit switches. Thanks to the separate control unit with built-in LED courtesy light and three keys to control the automation, programming and maintenance are even more practical and convenient. With Spy, everything is always close at hand, for the greatest installation and programming flexibility and the maximum ease of use.

Safety is an important feature: the obstacle detection function immediately reverses the motor’s movement in case the garage door comes into contact with an object or person. The ON/OFF release system allows the motor to be released or blocked in any position along the guide, all in just one simple move, guaranteeing the maximum safety even in case of a blackout. Moreover, the installer is protected from the risk of electric shocks while working on the set-up, thanks to the 24V power supply.

Spy has been carefully tested in the climatic chamber and in the semi-anechoic chamber within the Nice Labs, to certify its correct functioning both in very hot and very cold climate and in case of rapid temperature changes, and to verify its electromagnetic compatibility and immunity to any radio interference.

Last but not least, Spy is characterized by a well-finished design and the utmost care for details with practical and functional solutions. Spy is the right choice for any architectural context.

Designing a Nice world.