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April 2021

Rondo: a complete range for balanced rolling doors


Rondo: a complete range for balanced rolling doors

Rondo is the new complete range of operators for balanced rolling doors up to 360 kg, in a new bi-motor version, which covers the needs of all typical roller shutters on the market. Easy to install, easy to use, always safe.

Easy to programme: Simple adjustment of the mechanical limit switches thanks to the new white tab that allows the wheels used to adjust the rolling door opening and closing positions to be disengaged easily.

Easy to install: A few simple steps are all it takes to efficiently install the gearmotor on the spring shaft. Thanks to the crown and spring shaft adapters available, the product can satisfy a wide range of installation requirements.

Easy to use: Simple release system to block and release the rolling door from the ground (release cable 7 m long for double motor models, 5 m long for the single motor model).

Safe: All models in the range are equipped with an electro-brake. If there is a blackout while the rolling door is open, there is no risk of it falling.

Versatile: The new mechanical limit switch system allows the automation to be installed on rolling doors of various sizes.


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