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Nice has been chosen for the realization of hundreds of private and public projects all over the world. We are a community of leading companies offering cutting-edge integrated solutions. We pursue open-partnerships, respectful of architectural and innovative languages.

Just one partner responding to all Home and Building automation needs: Nice offers the security of going in and out in total freedom, by meeting the desire of comfort with practical products, advanced electronics and integrated solutions, blending technology, innovation, reliability and design.

Thanks to a complete range of global, smart solutions for the automation of gates, garage doors, access barriers, awnings, blinds, shutters, control devices and home security systems, Nice is the ultimate choice for any residential, public, commercial, hospitality and industrial project.

Interior designers, architects, contractors, engineers and developers can find in Nice their privileged partner, providing comprehensive projects support from design to commissioning. Following this approach, a set of BIM - Building Information Modeling objects of Nice products are now available on the cloud worldwide platform, in order to provide specialized support to the project-based requests coming from professionals involved in construction projects.


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