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Campus Veolia Centre Est

Campus Veolia Centre Est

Meyzieu, France

Automation of industrial doors

Campus Veolia is the education program promoted by Veolia group, the French transnational company leader in the sector of water supply and management, waste management, energy and transport services.

The Campus Veolia global network brings together Campuses in 10 countries, offering several education and training opportunities in management of drinking water, wastewater treatment, waste recycling and recovery and energy optimisation. The training programs are organised in close relation with businesses and local authorities, in order to give students the opportunity to learn, alternating courses dispensed by experts in the sector with practical sessions, and thus preparing them for the reality and the needs of the field.

At the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region, the Campus Centre Est is one of the Campuses based in France: a 9,000 sq. m. energy-efficient structure built on 3.5 hectares, the campus offers numerous modular spaces, suitable for the realisation of any kind of event: seminars, exhibitions, conferences, receptions, meetings. For the automation of the 11 industrial doors in the Campus, Nice provided its industrial motors, ensuring safe and easy opening and closing operations.