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Groupe Scolaire Henri Wallon

Groupe Scolaire Henri Wallon

Nîmes, France

Automation of external roller blinds

Located in Nîmes, south France, the Groupe Scolaire Henri Wallon is a public education complex comprising an elementary school and a kindergarten, welcoming every day over 450 pupils aged between 3 and 11. The innovative and modern building opened its doors in 2012, taking the place of the old one, which was demolished and replaced as part of a wider project of renovation and urban requalification of the Pissevin neighbourhood in Nîmes. The new construction was planned and designed following a “high environmental quality” approach, with the aim of creating a smart building with excellent energy performances. The new complex includes 18 classrooms, 2 sport halls, workshops, playing grounds for younger pupils, common spaces both indoor and outdoor, and a restaurant.

In order to reach the best standards in terms of energy efficiency, an optimal use of natural lighting sources was essential: for instance, several light wells equipped with mirrors were created to diffuse the natural light inside the building. Moreover, windows have been equipped with external roller blinds, in order to protect the rooms from direct sun light, and at the same time respect the external architecture of the building, characterised by its distinctive coloured panels. Nice Neo S tubular motors were chosen for the automation of the 136 external roller blinds, thus ensuring their reliable and safe movement.

Installed Products

  • Neo S

    Neo S