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Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle

Inverness, United Kingdom

Automation of barrier gates

The majestic Inverness Castle stands on a cliff overlooking the River Ness, in Scotland. The site has a fascinating history dating back to 1057, though the current building was constructed by architect William Burn in 1836. In modern times, the castle functions as a court house and the grounds attract tourists keen to enjoy the beautiful views and admire the castle’s unique architecture. The building itself is currently not open to the public but plans are under way to turn it into a larger tourist attraction, with the tower scheduled to open as a viewing area by the end of 2016. These plans could turn Inverness Castle into a much more popular destination for tourists, which would result in increased traffic.

The castle required a barrier system to control traffic flow at its front entrance. It needed to meet the needs of the site’s current usage but also be suitable for the possibility of greatly increased visitor numbers in the future. Glasgow-based Nice UK customer URSA Gates Ltd installed a Nice L-BAR system, as this allowed them to combine power, reliability and speed.

Installed Products

  • Nice L-Bar

    Nice L-Bar