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Münchner Stadtbibliothek

Münchner Stadtbibliothek

Munich, Germany

Automation of external roller blinds and awnings

The 4-floor building, a very popular landmark in Munich, houses the city library and commercial offices. In order to protect the large window walls running along the entire length of the building, and to guarantee the best lighting conditions inside the library in any weather, a full system of automated roller blinds and awnings has been installed. Thanks to the collaboration with a German textile laboratory, two different types of made-to-measure blinds have been produced, and installed in two different ways: with arm and with roller.

More than 100 tubular motors with electronic limit switches guarantee the automation of the whole system: the entire building can change shape and colour with a simple click. Moreover, the installation of Nice control systems, which was planned together with the customer, allows the automation’s management either centrally or by individual floor or defined zone. The building can now easily ensure a high level of comfort for its users, who enjoy the ideal light at all times.

Installed Products

  • Era Mat

    Era Mat

  • Neo Mat MT

    Neo Mat MT

  • NiceWay WM080G

    NiceWay WM080G

  • Era P

    Era P

  • Era W

    Era W

  • Nemo climatic sensors

    Nemo climatic sensors