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Prinzregentenschule Elementary School

Prinzregentenschule Elementary School

Rosenheim, Germany

Automation of active façades

Reliable visual protection with optimum use of natural light was the challenge faced by the Berlin-based architects’ office Heydorn Eaton when it was commissioned with the extension of Rosenheim Elementary School in 2005. The solution is a movable façade of some 23 meters in width in front of the windows – the façade consists of 38 vertical metal slats, moved by the drive system LIMAline 300 from elero. Thanks to this automation system an angle of rotation of 360 degrees is possible – meaning they can always be aligned in an optimum manner to keep out prying eyes and nevertheless allow sufficient daylight into the rooms.

Installed Products

  • LIMAline 300

    LIMAline 300