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The gateway for integrated management
of your home’s alarm and automation systems.


MyNice gateway lets you manage your alarm system and all the connected automations easily and securely and keep your home under control, even at a distance.

From now on, you can live in a house that is more:



The MyNice alarm system is absolutely reliable and gives you peace of mind, preventing intrusions before they take place,
thanks to a complete range of movement detectors both for indoors and outdoors, for a system tailored to suit your home.

If the system detects an intrusion attempt, it can trigger a series of deterrent mechanisms to keep the potential intruder away from your home: personalised voice messages, sirens, activation of lights or the irrigation system, or immediate closure of the rolling shutters.

Watch this video to discover how it works.


The MyNice installer can create a system made-to-measure for your home. Nice in fact provides various types of movement detector, now even more reliable thanks to the anti-masking function which warns of attempted tampering and the Pet Immunity function which lets you enable the alarm even when your small pets are at home. Communication between the control unit and devices is encrypted (so protected from possible interference) and bidirectional. This means 100% reliability.



Your home can really get smart now!
MyNice allows you to control, directly from your smartphone, the alarm system and all the automations that are connected to the control unit: you can open or close the gate, blinds, shutters, and switch on or off the lights whenever you want, thanks to one single tool.


You can create scenarios depending on your habits, deciding to wake up every day with sunlight, thanks to rolling shutters which open automatically at the set time, and turning the lights off and enabling the alarm system every evening to sleep peacefully.

You can find some examples of scenarios ("GOOD MORNING" and "RETURN HOME") in the two videos below.



What is it you always have with you, that never abandons you, whether in the office, supermarket or car?
There’s no denying it, we’re talking about your smartphone!
Nice lets you keep your house under control with the MyNice World app.
Moreover, thanks to the additional GSM 4G module, you will be able to have access to a 4G connection and so control remotely and any time your gateway, even if you don’t have any Internet connection at home.

With the MyNice World app, you can control and manage the alarm system and all the automations connected to the MyNice control unit from your smartphone or tablet: awnings, blinds, rolling shutters, gates, garage doors and lighting and irrigation systems.

Total integration, and peace of mind wherever you are.

Download MyNice World now

But that's not all!
With the MyNice system, you can also see what's happening in your home in real time. In the event of an alarm, or on request, the Nice PhotoPir detector lets you receive real time images of the zone you want to monitor on your smartphone in a few seconds, visible even in the dark thanks to the built-in flash.

Watch the video to discover how it works.



MyNice really is simple, even the installers say so.

It can be programmed directly from the control unit, thanks to the 7" colour touchscreen, with a wizard to facilitate the installer step by step throughout the entire procedure.
If needed, the installer can connect to your system remotely to perform maintenance, assistance or diagnostics.

Questions? Requests? Doubts? Contact us!

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