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  • ET LTX © transmitters
    ET Nice - Instruction Manuals: Control systems / Radio controls and programmers
    ET LTX © transmitters
    ...How to program a code into your new LTX: First make sure the LTX selected matches the frequency of your original TX. a. Yellow button = 403.55MHz b. Orange button = 433.92MHz With both the LTX and the original TX in hand: 1. Press and hold required ...
  • LTX Learning Transmitter
    ET Nice - Instruction Manuals: Control systems
    LTX Learning Transmitter
    ...Action Pictorial confirmation Response Press and hold the button on the new LTX. Watch the LED while doing this. After approximately 3 seconds the LED will go off. Keep holding the new LTX button and place the old remote that must be copied head to ...