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The Drunken Lords

The Drunken Lords

Bucharest, Romania

Automation of industrial doors

The Drunken Lords pub, in the historical centre of Bucharest, is a popular spot of the Romanian capital’s nightlife. Due to the high number of people crowding the place especially during the weekend, the pub needed to augment its capacity and facilitate ventilation during summertime. Nice provided a smart solution that allows to open and transform the external walls of the pub in a simple and quick way, without the need of any building work. Nice Industrial NDSM0006 gearmotor, which can operate up to 300 kg in total security, and the UST2 control unit were chosen to automate the horizontal hinged opening of the big window walls, thus creating a wide open space connecting the interior of the pub with the outside area, and perfectly fitting with the nearby street.

Installed Products

  • SD-100-24 gearmotor

    SD-100-24 gearmotor

  • UST2 control unit

    UST2 control unit