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Solar screen

A matter of light, wind, rain: follow the rhythm of the seasons.

Would you like to wake up to the sunlight streaming through your blinds, or know that your outdoor blinds will lower when it's too sunny, without having to do anything manually?

Then it's time to choose automation for your indoor or outdoor blinds and shutters and discover a much more practical way to let in the sun or keep out the summer heat. An intelligent way designed for conscious consumption.

Automation for Sun Awnings

Awnings and outdoor blinds

Outdoor blinds transform outdoor spaces into living spaces, especially during the warm season. Today, you can make opening and closing your outdoor blinds even easier with Nice automation, designed to manage their movement in comfort.
You don't even have to worry about wind gusts or sudden rain: climate sensors detect whether it's sunny or windy and automatically close the blinds in adverse weather conditions, keeping them looking better over time.
Do you have roller blinds, arm sun awnings, or box sun awnings? No problem - you can install a Nice system on any type of blind and make the most of your outdoor spaces.

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Automation for Blinds

Indoor blinds

Our goal is to make your day easy and convenient: that's why we've developed solutions that allow you to automate your indoor blinds without having to do any masonry or call an electrician.
Raise or lower your indoor blinds - even all at once - with voice commands or transmitters, and enjoy light and shade management in your home or office.

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Automation for Shutters


Have you ever thought how pleasant it would be to hear your house open at your preferred time to welcome the new day, or to see the shutters close gracefully as evening falls?
Nice automation solutions for shutters make opening and closing simple gestures, even for people with limited mobility, thanks to devices that allow shutters to be operated by remote control, sensors, smartphones and voice control.
Program scenarios to suit your habits, enjoy as many sunrises as you like, and rediscover the comfort of feeling protected when it gets dark, with quiet motors designed to last.

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