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Sliding Gates

Comfort is easy, safety is at home

Coming home has never been more pleasant with the reliable, connected and safe sliding gate automation systems we have designed.

Imagine a world where your home automation systems talk to each other: enter your home without getting out of the car in the rain, open the gate for your friends with a simple voice command, keep your home and your loved ones safe.

We like to think of simple solutions that fit your lifestyle. Like your sliding gate, which thanks to the Nice ecosystem you can now manage using the app, voice assistants and two-way remote controls.

We like it simple, we like it efficient.

Nice App

One app to keep everything under control

Voice commands

Voice commands to make everything easier

Sliding Gates

Customized scenarios for all your needs

Era In

Design transmitters for a touch of style

Easier, safer: change the way you open your sliding gate with us.

Made of wood or iron? Wide or sloping? Whatever your sliding gate there is a Nice solution perfect for making it even more convenient.

A sliding gate protects your space by sliding along the fence, and is especially suitable for wide or sloping entrances.

The automation consists of a motor with a gear and a rack mounted on the gate itself. The Nice range offers different models, from the smallest and most discreet for light gates to motors suitable for heavy gates and intensive use, all powerful, safe and durable.

Each sliding gate automation can be installed on new or existing gates and can communicate with the Nice smart home ecosystem to provide unparalleled living comfort.

Sudden blackout? You're safe with Nice

All Nice gate automations are equipped with a manual key release system to compensate for a power failure: don't give up on opening or closing your sliding gate, even in the event of a power failure, your safety is guaranteed.

Nice's smart home system isn't unique, it's just yours: because we know that we're all a little different, and we want to give you all the freedom to explore the thousands of possibilities of the most free and secure hub there is.

The Nice smart home system is born modular: you can start with one automation and expand it over time, even with the automations you already own. Simple, isn't it?

A network of professionals for your gate

Your sliding gate is connected to the electricity grid: to install an automation system, you can turn to a Nice partner who knows how to do a professional job. The Nice partners are experts in the installation of all our products and will accompany you through all the stages: from the inspection to the issue of the final documentation.

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Would you like to receive an immediate quote for your gate?

Our configurator will guide you through your gate features and needs; once completed, leave your details and you will receive a quote by a Nice installer without obligation.

Why Nice

Because every day, Nice designs not only automations, but modular, customisable systems to make life safer, easier and more pleasant. We create smart building management systems, we think innovative in substance and design-conscious in form.

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A sustainable future

We pay attention to environmental sustainability, so much so that we were the first to define guidelines for the life cycle of electric motors with the Life Cycle Assessment, obtaining international EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification. We design safe, energy-efficient home automations using recycled materials.

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