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Indoor blinds

Brighter or more intimate: the atmosphere of the home in your hands

Indoor blinds are not just an addition to your home:

they add charm and atmosphere to all your spaces, complementing your decor with their presence and making each home unique and personal.
Whether you want a sunlit home at all hours or a more intimate atmosphere for your evenings, you can make your indoor blinds more efficient with Nice automation, designed to make your life easier.


You choose: pleated, roman or roller


You decide: open or closed, morning or evening


You program: with a click or your voice


You control: wall mounted or portable transmitters


Functionality and sustainability with automated indoor blinds

Indoor blinds are the perfect complement to any interior design project: they make the atmosphere of your home personal and unique, and contribute to the well-being and sustainability of your living environment by optimizing the management of natural light and heat.
With Nice's automated opening and closing systems for indoor blinds, you can intelligently manage sunlight, reduce the use of artificial lighting during the day, prevent heat loss in winter and protect from the sun's rays in summer, contributing to sustainability by saving energy.

Design and connectivity

Design plays an important role in the creation of automation systems, which is why we have designed remote controls, wall mounted or portable, that combine efficiency with visually striking lines, perfect for integrating elegantly into your spaces.
What's more, like all our solutions, our indoor blind automation systems can be connected to your smart home system: you can program the opening and closing, check the weather conditions and check the correct operation of each one remotely, using the app on your smartphone, tablet or voice assistant.
All you have to do is experience the unique atmosphere of your home, opening up to the light or enjoying the coziness of twilight.

Choose Nice Trusted Installers

Nice installers participate in our training programs and are trained to respond efficiently to all your needs.
Choose a Nice installer and rely on his expert advice to automate your interior blinds, without the need for masonry or costly operations.

Dialogue with your home, every moment

Opening or closing your blinds, controlling light or shade, can also be done remotely thanks to the Nice smart home ecosystem: an advanced system for managing your home, even when you’re away, from your smartphone, with the creation of scenarios to set the conditions and timing for opening and closing your blinds and other home automation devices.
Through the Nice gateway, you can communicate with your home via your phone, tablet or with the most popular voice assistants, even those in your car, so that all you have to think about is the pleasure of living freely in your home.

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Why Nice

Because every day, Nice designs not only automations, but modular, customisable systems to make life safer, easier and more pleasant. We create smart building management systems, we think innovative in substance and design-conscious in form.

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A sustainable future

We pay attention to environmental sustainability, so much so that we were the first to define guidelines for the life cycle of electric motors with the Life Cycle Assessment, obtaining international EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification. We design safe, energy-efficient home automations using recycled materials.

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