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Awnings and outdoor blinds

Relax and enjoy your outdoor spaces

Have you turned part of your garden or terrace into an extension of your indoor spaces to enjoy the well-being of the outdoors, to receive friends or to work in the garden?

Protecting your outdoor space with an awning is essential, and making it practical and convenient with our automatic systems will allow you to enjoy with greater satisfaction all the moments you want to devote to relaxing or socializing outdoors.

Outdoor blinds

What are your awnings like? Roller blinds, arm sun awnings, or box sun awnings?

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How would you like to manage your awnings?

Outdoor blinds

Do you want to schedule opening and closing?


Do you want to be safe in all weather conditions?

Enjoy the outdoors, feel good indoors

Spending time outdoors improves our well-being: in the garden or on the terrace you can read, talk, have a drink or dinner with friends in an environment that recharges all our energies.
Doing it right means choosing an outdoor awning that will protect your space from the sun's rays and provide shelter. It doesn't matter if the awning we choose is an arm awning, a roller awning or a box awning. What matters is that it is functional and comfortable.
To operate it with ease, you can choose one of our automations; not only will it allow you to open and close your awning the way you want, but you can also equip it with climate sensors to make sure that everything works even when you are not at home.

Making installation easy

We have implemented ongoing training programs for Nice installers so that you have experienced and trained professionals at your disposal, ready to solve all your needs with all their professionalism.
Trust the advice of a Nice installer to make your outdoor blinds even more comfortable and easy to use.

Your home, more yours, more intelligent

At the heart of our home management solutions are our gateways: advanced systems for programming every detail, such as the opening and closing of your outdoor blinds, through the creation of customized scenarios that allow you to set times, situations and exceptions at the touch of a button.
Our gateways communicate with your home through your phone, tablet, and voice assistants, giving you the freedom to enjoy a home that is more personal, more intelligent, and more in control.

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Would you like to receive a custom quote for your outdoor blinds automation now?

Our Configurator guides you step-by-step through the features you need. Once completed, leave your details and you will receive a quote without obligation.

Why Nice

Because every day, Nice designs not only automations, but modular, customisable systems to make life safer, easier and more pleasant. We create smart building management systems, we think innovative in substance and design-conscious in form.

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A sustainable future

We pay attention to environmental sustainability, so much so that we were the first to define guidelines for the life cycle of electric motors with the Life Cycle Assessment, obtaining international EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification. We design safe, energy-efficient home automations using recycled materials.

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