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Control Systems

From transmitters to voice control, a world of possibilities

Designing and creating functional and practical products has been a part of Nice since the beginning.
Our transmitters and sensors are distinguished by ease of use, ergonomics and essential form.

Over time, we have transferred this philosophy to applications and control panels designed to be simple, flexible, and functional for everyday life.
Voice commands and customized scenarios are the latest frontier in home automation control, transforming design into an evolved idea of all-around performance.
The control systems are always in front of our eyes and in our hands, and for this reason we study, for each product, a simple and minimalist design, pleasant right from the choice of materials and finishes, ergonomic to give you such an easy use that you will think it was designed uniquely for you. 

Era Inti

Transmitters and sensors: design at your fingertips

Nice App

Applications and control panels: simple and intuitive


All the scenarios you can imagine

Voice Control

Just your voice and everything is under control

Remote Control

Ease of use and functionality come together with Nice transmitters to give you easy and intuitive control of home automation. With a single gesture, even children can open shutters, close gates or turn on the sprinklers. Choose your ideal transmitter from our models: from small, colorful ones that you can take with you at all times, to portable touch screens, to wall-mounted transmitters.

Climate sensors

Forget the weather forecast! With Nice climate sensors, you don't have to worry about whether your awnings are down when it's raining or windy. And when the sun is blazing hot, the sensors will automatically lower your blinds, awnings or shutters to maintain the temperature inside your home. Our climate sensors autonomously manage the movement of your solar screens, protecting them from the elements and contributing to the energy efficiency of your home. With Nice climate sensors, you can entrust the management of your awning and shutter automation to smart technology that keeps up with the weather!


Smart applications

Built for a world where everything is touch, our applications are developed to simplify the programming and management of all home automation. Clear interfaces and intuitive commands make it easy for installers to configure and maintain systems, and allow you to manage your automations with a click, even when you are not at home.
You can use them from your smartphone or tablet, and install them on multiple devices so you can control your home anytime, anywhere. 

Yubii Home and Scenarios

We are all different and unique, which is why we designed our automation systems with people in mind. With the innovative Yubii Home gateway that connects all your home automation, you can create customized scenarios that reflect your unique lifestyle. Scenarios are pre-set commands that you can trigger at your preferred time, on your chosen day, or when certain conditions occur. Whether you want to open the curtains to wake up to the first rays of sunshine, find the gate open and the lights on when you get home, or create a relaxing environment for the evening, you have control over every situation. You can manage your scenarios by changing or adapting them to your needs at any time, so your home is always in harmony with your uniqueness.

Voice control - Beyond design, performance

According to our philosophy, home automations should provide you with functionality and comfort even when you are not at home. Imagine being able to control all of your automations, even when you are away or busy with other activities. Imagine being able to do that with a simple voice command.
We designed a system that allows you to remotely control everything, receive alerts, and manage your home as if you were always there. To do this, we wanted systems that could also be controlled by voice. Open the gate for the delivery rider while you're at your desk, pull down the shades while you're at the stove, open the garage door from your car while you're driving home.
Today, you can control your automations with voice commands from your voice assistant at home or in your car, with all the simplicity you want and all the security of Nice designs.

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Why Nice

Because every day, Nice designs not only automation, but modular, customisable systems to make life safer, easier and more pleasant. We create smart building management systems; we think innovative in substance and design-conscious in form.

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A sustainable future

We pay attention to environmental sustainability, so much so that we were the first to define guidelines for the life cycle of electric motors with the Life Cycle Assessment, obtaining international EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification. We design safe, energy-efficient home automations using recycled materials. 

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