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Villa La Zambonina

Credits: Z.M. Zoccatelli impianti

Villa La Zambonina

Vigasio, Italy

Automation of barrier gates

La Zambonina is a magnificent 17th century Palladian villa set on a farming estate near the city of Verona. Grandly scaled, decorated with frescoes and paintings and furnished with antiques, it has now been converted into a graceful guesthouse that can welcome up to 20 people, where a warm and charming atmosphere ensures a pleasant stay to its guests. An authentic rural courtyard and a large land property, crossed by picturesque pathways in a natural environment full of trees and waterways, where traditional local production of rice and other cereals is kept intact, surround the manor.

In order to regulate access to the private part of the estate during the night, limiting it to the Villa’s few permanent residents and to the tenant farmers, the owners chose Nice and its partner Z.M. Zoccatelli impianti, who installed Nice M5BAR at the entrance of the landed property. Additional indicator lights were fixed on the bar in order to improve its visibility, especially during autumn and winter, when foggy days are very frequent in this area.

Installed Products

  • M5BAR


  • Era One

    Era One