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Incheba Expo

Incheba Expo

Bratislava, Slovakia

Automation of barrier gates

Located on the bank of the River Danube and overlooking the historic old town of Bratislava, the INCHEBA Exhibition and Convention Centre regularly hosts some of the most important trade shows, not just for Slovakia, but for the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. Some years will see as many as 1 million visitors come to the convention centre to visit the various trade shows.

The entrance to the main visitor carpark is constantly in use and requires a barrier system, which can deal with the high frequency of traffic. The owners of the INCHEBA Exhibition and Convention Centre therefore chose to install Nice MBar barriers, not only for the guaranteed quality, but also for the cutting-edge technology and Italian design. The barriers were supplied by AXIAL s.r.o, a long-term Nice distributor in Slovakia.

Installed Products

  • M3BAR


  • M5BAR