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Libeskind Tower, CityLife

Credits: Stefano Siboni

Libeskind Tower, CityLife

Milan, Italy

System for the automation of interior blinds.

Designed by Studio Libeskind, the PwC Tower or Libeskind Tower is the new headquarters of the well-known consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in Milan, ready to welcome about 3,000 professionals in its 28 floors. Since its designing phase, it has been called "il Curvo" (the curve), due to its special shape that develops vertically like a prism, and is part of a sphere that wraps in an ideal embrace Piazza Tre Torri, the largest pedestrian area in Milan and one of the largest in Europe.

It was conceived according to innovative construction and environmental sustainability criteria, which make it one of the most distinctive and recognizable buildings of the new Milan skyline. The tower is a building of excellence in the field of sustainability: the structure, systems, and technology have been designed to minimize energy and water consumption and maximize the environmental comfort of the people who will work in it. Libeskind Tower represents not only the new PwC headquarters in Milan, but a strategic choice that reflects the company's vision of the evolution of the professional services offered.

Architect Daniel Libeskind and Pellini's Research and Development Department have chosen Nice's reliability and efficiency to automate a particular inclined shading system suitable for the trapezoidal modules of the tower structure. The installation consists of approximately 3,000 units of Era S 230V tubular operators, ideal in environments where noise levels must be minimal. The Nice system also allows to connect to climate sensors to reduce energy consumption, in line with the values that Nice and PricewaterhouseCoopers share.

Regarding this opportunity Francesco Villani, General Manager of Nice Italia, comments: "It is an honor for us to have participated in the realization of one of the Towers of the CityLife Milan complex, a project that is a symbol of modernity and avant-garde, located in one of the best cities for architectural and urban development. The choice of Nice by the Libeskind studio confirms that the company is capable of managing important and highly complex projects, making the specific needs of each client a reality".


Photo Credits: Stefano Siboni.

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