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Private House

Credits: LOCARNO Architectural Systems

Private House

Auckland, New Zealand

Automation of active façades

"Convertible roofs" are flexible roofing systems for patios and terraces with large slats made of glass, aluminium or stainless steel, which can be set individually depending on weather conditions. In New Zealand, due to the extreme weather conditions, they have already been tested: in recent years, restaurant owners and hoteliers have increasingly covered their outdoor areas with large moving slats, thus creating additional "open spaces".

Meanwhile, customers in the private sector are also discovering the benefits of this flexible roof system for themselves: the owner of this family house in Auckland chose the Picolo O linear drive from elero for his terrace roof. Intelligent linear drives provide easy control of the large slats and create ideal lighting conditions. Thanks to elero’s Picolo 0 the roof slats can be adjusted depending on the weather: they offer protection against heat, prevent dazzling in strong sunlight and yet allow a view of the sky. If required, such as in rain, the roof can even be completely closed.

Installed Products

  • Picolo 0

    Picolo 0