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Raven Sailing Boat

Raven Sailing Boat

Around the world

Smart home devices

Even a yacht can be smart! Devices for the automation of apartments or houses are increasingly used also in other contexts. For instance, Martijn Maas from the Netherlands used FIBARO devices to automate his yacht.

Martijn Maas lives aboard the sailboat "Raven" with his wife and their dog. Their dream is to sail around the world. In order for his yacht to play the role of a real home and to make the family feel safe on it, Martijn decided "for fun, but also for comfort and safety" – to equip it with smart devices.

The heart of the system installed on the boat is the Home Center 3 Lite gateway, which integrates and connects devices such as: electric heater, smoke detector, CO detector, LED strips, dehumidifier, lights, temperature controllers, motion detectors, electric blanket, etc.

Among the FIBARO devices installed on the boat there are: CO Sensor installed in the main living room, where there is a gas heater, and in the future a diesel heater be placed; two Smoke Sensors in the main living room and aft cabin (bedroom at the back of the boat), and in the room where the batteries are located, creating a relatively highest risk of fire; Wall Plug in the bedroom in the aft cabin; Walli Switch installed in the bedroom to automatically switch on an electric blanket or turn on the light in the hallway.

The Home Center 3 Lite control panel gives the opportunity to program many scenes. The owner of the yacht uses these functionalities for all smart devices installed on the boat. The system is controlled using a key fob, or via IFTTT and iPhone.

Smart devices are finding wider and wider application in our lives, far beyond our homes. Users themselves, with a little creativity, are finding more and more diverse applications in which to install them, and the yacht "Raven" is the best example of this.

Installed Products

  • FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite

    FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite

  • FIBARO CO Sensor

    FIBARO CO Sensor

  • FIBARO Smoke Sensor

    FIBARO Smoke Sensor

  • FIBARO Wall Plug

    FIBARO Wall Plug

  • FIBARO Walli Switch

    FIBARO Walli Switch