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The control of your home at your fingertips

In a world where everything moves fast, our priority is to help you simplify everyday tasks, by creating practical solutions to manage your home easily and safely and make your life better.

That's why the applications we develop are designed with the user in mind, have clear interfaces, intuitive controls and are integrated with voice-assistant systems. They give you all the freedom you need to create and manage your home ecosystem, even when you are away, and are perfectly adapted to your needs, whatever they may be. 
Whether you're using a smartphone or tablet, our applications provide seamless control, allowing you to connect to your home, no matter where you are. 
Embrace the future of smart living with our intelligent applications – making home automation not only efficient but also effortlessly accessible for everyone.

Nice App

Make your home automation smarter

Upgrading your existing automation into an app has never been easier!

Nice App

Stay always in the loop

Thanks to notifications, you’ll always know what’s happening at home


Home control for the whole family

All the freedom to share access on multiple-devices, all the safety of a secure solution

Nice App

Every scenario you can imagine

The only limit is your imagination: all your habits in your hand

Yubii Home App

The new Yubii Home app is a combination of up-to-date trends and cutting-edge technology to make smart home management even more comfortable and efficient.

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MyNice App

Control your Nice automated gate, garage door and awnings from your devices, with just one touch.

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MyNice World App

With MyNice World you can manage the alarm system and Nice automations in your home.


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Yubii Home App
One app, your entire home in your hands!

Yubii Home app is the super-intuitive app for the control of the entire home ecosystem, ensuring maximum safety and comfort at all times.
Enjoy customization, scalability, remote assistance, and notifications tailored to meet all your needs. 

Not only gates, doors or sun shading automation, with Yubii Home app your whole home is at your fingertips. In association with the Yubii Home or Yubii Home Pro gateways, the Yubii Home app allows you to create, access and manage an entire domestic ecosystem, giving you a full range of new possibilities. From making your yome safer, with the integration for flood and CO control, to managing lighting, sound and video systems. From controlling your energy consumption, to managing all your home automation, even the pre-existing ones, without the need for renovation or building work.

Yubii Home app keeps you in contact with your home and lets you manage it from anywhere in the world, with your smartphone, tablet or voice control, always guaranteeing the highest possible level of protection, as data is transmitted via an encrypted communication system.

The Yubii Home app is available for download on the Android and iOS stores. Yubii Home app replaces the previous Yubii Home Center.

MyNice App
Just tap and go!

MyNice App is the simplest way to control all your home automation, even when you are not at home. Whether it's your gate, awnings or garage doors, discover the simplicity of managing every aspect of your home automation through an intuitive app, that you can easily access via your smartphone, tablet and voice assistant.

Your home automation in your hands.

Thanks to MyNice app, you can make your automations interact with each other and create personalized scenarios to suit your lifestyle. Making the most of natural light has never been easier, by syncing your awnings with sunrise and sunset times.

Security at the top

With MyNice app, you can control access to your home and receive real-time notifications about the opening and closing of your gate or garage door. You can also grant access to your home's automation by easily sharing the app with your loved ones, ensuring constant monitoring and peace of mind when you are away.

Easier and faster maintenance.

The MyNice app notifies you of any malfunctions or repair needs for your gates or garage doors. With the innovative ProConnect function, you can request technical assistance to your trunsted installer, ensuring prompt resolution.

Do you already have a Nice automation? Upgrade it... it couldn’t be simpler!

Ask your installer to improve your home automation experience with the MyNice app. That way you’ll be more comfortable and carefree in your home... even when you’re away.

Available on iOS and Android stores, MyNice app is compatible also with smartwatches and car infotainment systems, integrating smoothly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

My Nice App
Just tap and go!

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MyNice World App
As simple as it gets

The easy-to-use MyNice World App dialogues with your MyNice alarm system and with the automations connected to the MyNice control panel, such as awnings, blinds, rolling shutters, gates, garage doors and lighting systems.

With the MyNice app managing your home and feeling safe is just a tap away. Thanks to its intuitive dashboard, you can enables or disables the alarm system in one or more zones of the home, check the alarm unit status and see recorded events or the images transmitted by the Photopir detector in real time.

In addition, you can trigger pre-set scenarios at your convenience, customizing your home environment with ease and keep an eye on the status of various home automations, ensuring you have complete control at your fingertips. A safer home environment is just a tap away, with MyNice World App.

*MyNice World is compatible with MyNice alarm control units and Nice systems for blinds, awnings and rolling shutters connected to the Nice DMBM module.