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An integrated system that makes home automations talk to each other: simple, efficient, connected.

Get excited about a connected home

We design for an open world, for a clean planet, for anyone who wants to feel like a protagonist in their own home: we create systems so your home can communicate with you at all times, and from all places.
Your Nice smart home is not just a unique system; it is uniquely yours because we know that we are all a little different and we want to give you all the freedom to explore its possibilities.
Want to get up at dawn to work out or wake up to your favorite song? Want to program your blinds or garden lights? Want to enjoy the air conditioning or open the door for the delivery rider without getting up from the sofa? With our Nice smart home system, you can imagine all the scenarios you want.

Yubii Home

Morning routine

With Yubii Home you can program the stairs lights to switch on and the garage door to open every morning at 07:00, to let your dog out… or simply push a button to wake the whole house up!

Yubii Home

Cooking atmosphere

With Yubii Home you can create the perfect atmosphere to cook your favorite dish… and be sure the system will detect any smoke and send an alert if anything goes wrong.

Yubii Home

Evening plans

With Yubii Home you can enjoy a lazy evening watching TV on your couch, or quickly change your mind if needed!

Yubii Home

Workout session

With Yubii Home you can wake up with an energizing workout session, while keeping an eye on your fridge, in case anyone wants to steal your well-deserved dessert!

The Nice smart home experience has one beating heart: a gateway that connects to and controls all the smart devices in your home.

Yubii Home Pro

Yubii Home

Yubii Home Pro

The advanced, high-performance gateway for the smart management of all smart devices in the home, even remotely. Yubii Home Pro is ideal for all types of home or building. It increases comfort and safety levels with customisable multifunction programmes, so that every detail of the home can be planned.

Yubii Home Pro

Yubii Home

The gateway that manages and communicates with all smart devices in the home. Ideal for apartments and small homes, it supports up to 5 plugins and 10 quick apps and the creation of up to 20 scenarios.

Yubii Home


The light follows you.

With the help of innovative motion sensors, small electrical interfaces, and smart automated commands, you don't have to constantly turn lights on and off throughout your home.


Protect your home and your loved ones.

A wide range of CO sensors, flood and smoke detectors, door/window interfaces and cameras can reliably and continuously protect your home and your loved ones from any danger, even the invisible ones. Also, with scenarios, you can help people with reduced autonomy live independently and safely.

Heating Systems

Comfort and control in every room.

Your home should always be warm and comfortable. With smart heating controllers, thermostats, wall plugs and WiFi air conditioning interfaces, Yubii ecosystem ensures the right comfort and control in every room, tailored to your needs.

Gates & Door Automation

Let your home welcome you.

Would you like to come home and find your gate open? And check that the garage door is perfectly closed while you're away? The Yubii ecosystem is compatible with your automated gates and garage doors, which can easily be part of your smart routines.

Sun shading automation

Make the most of natural sunlight.

Have you ever thought about automating your interior blinds, sun awnings or shutters? You can do it and integrate them into your Yubii ecosystem. Manage natural lights smartly, while boosting your home’s energy efficiency.

Electrical appliances

Smart management of electrical loads.

Using smart plugs and switches connected to your electrical appliances such as dishwasher, washing machines or oven, the Yubii gateway will be able to turn them on or off as needed, monitor and measure their power consumption, and protect your home from power surges.

Yubii Home App

Comfort & control at your fingertips!

With our smart home system, you can control every aspect of your home automation and schedule or change every detail from your smartphone or tablet, through your voice assistant, and even from your smartwatch.
Thanks to the dedicated app, you have all the control you need to manage your home remotely: you can set alerts, receive them on your device, and intervene with a single command to keep everything running smoothly, with the peace of mind that the Yubii system is taking care of your space while you are away.

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Customized routines

Front row scenarios

The Nice smart home ecosystem is designed to allow home automation devices to talk to each other, so you can create scenarios to trigger a series of recurring actions with a single command, based on your habits and lifestyle.

For example, you can arrive home to your favorite sound and diffuser essences, while the lights adjust to create a relaxing atmosphere. When you are not home, you can simulate the presence of people in the house by turning the lights on and off.

Create the perfect environment by programming your automations and smart devices, even third-party ones, with ease and flexibility.


A more sustainable home

The Yubii ecosystem makes your home and outdoor spaces greener. With smart management of heating, electrical loads and lighting, you can reduce energy consumption and lower your bills.
By controlling shading and irrigation, you can save energy for cooling or heating and not waste water to grow your plants.
Small daily gestures can have a big impact on the planet.

Modularity & flexibility

A system you can build over time

The Nice smart home system was born flexible and modular: you can start with an automation you already own and integrate it at any time with new devices, even third-party ones, without the need for renovations or masonry work.
Configuration is easy through an app, even from a mobile phone.
It could not be simpler!

Nice Home management system

Premium smart home experience

The Nice Smart Home System easily integrates with the advanced Nice Home Management System to take your home management experience to the next level.
Our integrated solutions for home management include entertainment, high-performance audio, advanced power management, and more. Professionally installable by experts, the Nice Home Management System harmoniously interacts with the Yubii smart home platform to maximize the performance of your home.

Yubii ecosystem is compatible with over 3,000 third-party devices, including:

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Why Nice

Because every day, Nice designs not only automations, but modular, customisable systems to make life safer, easier and more pleasant. We create smart building management systems, we think innovative in substance and design-conscious in form.

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