The Festival della Crescita 2017 tour starts from Nice

27 March 2017


TheNicePlace was selected as starting point for the 2017 edition of the Festival della Crescita, a project organised by Future Concept Lab and designed to create a virtuous circle linking key players in growth and development, people and institutions, businesses and creatives, students and professionals. The various stages of the tour will pass through nine cities between March and October 2017, focusing on innovative visions and projects on local and national levels, and creating links and interactions between participants.

The 2017 Festival della Crescita tour began in the North East of Italy to share the experience of an area that is growing in innovation and creativity. The choice of the North East not only consolidated the project's vocation for growth but also promoted its diffusion in the region. “People Innovation Lab” was the title and theme for the day. The event, held on 15 March at TheNicePlace, was organised in collaboration with Venice's Ca’ Foscari University. Intended as a hub for innovation and common development, it provided an excellent opportunity for meeting and exchange and for sharing ideas, plans and visions for future business strategies.

The event brought together players of national importance from business and industry associations and provided a platform for some of the Veneto region's excellent names in industry and innovation

Francesco Morace, sociologist and founder of Festival della Crescita commented: “What we are offering is a chance to compare different strategies and models for development that deal with the challenge of human and environmental sustainability. We present and promote the creativity behind all forms of innovation through Italians' flair for communicating with the world and for encouraging a positive approach to the quality of life.” 

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