R+T 2018: Looking for ways that don’t exist (not yet)

12 February 2018


Nice was born to simplify people’s life, making everyday movements easier: the purpose of home automation systems is making any living space exactly as its inhabitants want to live it, at any time. A smart system recognises users’ wishes and optimises their home’s energy efficiency. A safe system not only receives users’ commands, but also confirms their execution. Home automation technology should be seamless: systems should not be invasive, but read into and understand the environment, perform the required actions without the user even noticing.

These are the ways we are exploring, and which we will put on show during the R+T 2018 international exhibition in Stuttgart, the world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors and gates, and sun protection systems.

Nice will have a large presence there, with many product ranges displayed and staff from all across the world on hand to discuss Nice solutions and give product demonstrations. We will present ourselves as a dynamic and growing strong industrial player, innovative and oriented to the future, focusing on smart integration with a bold approach to connectivity.

This will be an exceptional occasion and a milestone for our Group, as it will coincide with Nice 25 years anniversary celebrations: in the evening of Wednesday February 28th together we will raise a glass to a great Party at the Nice&elero booth.

“We are twenty-five, so our strength does not come from tradition, but from our attitude of questioning existing rules, of trying alternative ways, with the aim of simplifying everyone’s movements. We are young, but we have been changing the rules of the game in our sector since 1993, when we first started. As young people, who enter the second phase of their life at 25, we keep pursuing our dream of a future without barriers, with more maturity and the same passion.”

Stay tuned to discover more about R+T 2018!

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